GO into The World In Service

Connection to the world opens up avenues of service to others. It is the point of contact with the hurting world. It is loved expressed and lived out to those outside the church family. Connection to the world in service opens up the possibility to become the hands and feet of Jesus in the world that surrounds us. While it does include our work in foreign missions its greatest point of contact is in the individual’s “world” of everyday life.  

Out of service to others through volunteer work done by people on their own and church organized opportunities, we can reach out to the hurting world with the love of Jesus.

Join us as we discover together what that looks like for First Christian Church.  It all starts January 10, 2021!

Connecting To The World In Service

Jesus called us to be his hands and feet in this world.  We cannot do that only from inside our building.  To this end we seek to reach out to our world as difference makers.  Our folks are set free to serve God as volunteers in as many causes as they can find.  Some handle the food distribution program and others have helped the homeless get into transitional housing.  Additionally the church supports a variety of missionaries in different parts of the world working among differing people.  Yet all of these have a similar vision and goal of creating followers of Jesus.