GROW in your relationship with God

We believe that it should not be difficult for someone to find God. The first part of our process involves helping folks come into a relationship with the Creator and Savior who knows them best and loves them most.  

This centers on helping people get in tune with God. It is about coming to know Christ for the first time. It is also about Christians getting their hearts in line with God’s heart. Like any vital relationship the connection to God requires ongoing diligence in seeking after God. It is visually represented with the hands lifted in worship and prayer.  

Join us as we discover together what that looks like for First Christian Church.  It all starts January 10, 2021!

Worship as the Road to Connection

Each week as a group we go in search of God.  We are challenged to be more this week as a follower than we were last week.  Worship times are non-directed as to how they unfold.  While the music is offered those in attendance have the opportunity to respond as they are directed by the Spirit.