Connected To Others In Love

Simply getting connected to God is not enough. One who has a vital relationship with God also needs to have vital relationships with others. Jesus said that we are the sheep of his pasture. The Apostle Paul calls us the Body of Christ. Both of these descriptions carry the idea of living together as a unified group. It is visualized by the clasping hands.

Choosing to pursue the depths of being a follower of Jesus with others on the same journey is at the heart of this part of our process. It is the opportunity to find a safe place where you can be known and know someone else. It is the idea of love lived out among fellow pilgrims but in a more intimate small group setting.

Connecting Through Loving Relationships

The world seeks to find a safe place to know others and be known.  Life Groups are just as the name implies - Groups who do life together.  They are as varied as the folks who join them.  Some are for men, others for ladies and some are mixed groups.  What they all hold in common is the opportunity to life life together in the context of a caring group of people who choose love over judgment and criticism.